Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions of the Mackay Land Rover Club Incorporated


Mackay Land Rover Club was established in 1976 by a group of Four Wheel Drive enthusiasts who were willing to share their knowledge and experience with others. The Club was incorporated in 1986 to become the Mackay Land Rover Club Inc. Over the years, the Club has continued to nurture and build goodwill and fellowship between members and good relationships with local Landholders and Government Departments, gaining their trust and allowing access to places not generally accessible to individuals or the public. It is a privilege to belong to a Club, which through the actions of its members has established a long-standing reputation for “doing the right thing”. The proof of these good relationships is the willingness of Landholders to continue to allow Club activities on their properties time after time.

This reputation is the result of very thoughtful and prudent management of the Club over many years, and was brought about by members being aware of and practising the standards set by the Constitution, By-Laws, procedures and other documents laid out in this manual. These standards are based upon proven methods and many years of experience. The aim of the Mackay Land Rover Club manual is to provide members with a copy of important Club documented information and as a guide to how trips and activities are organised.

By Agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you are agreeing to the rules, regulations and guideline outlined in the Mackay Land Rover Club Constitution, By-Laws and Procedures contained within the Mackay Land Rover Club Manual.