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Mackay Land Rover Club Inc.




We are a group of responsible families and individuals with the common interest of using our Four-Wheel Drive vehicles to get out into the great outdoors, often to places not available to the general public. All makes of four-wheel drives are welcome in our club, which was formed in 1976 when there was less vehicle choice, hence the name.


We hold club meetings at 6.30pm on the third Thursday of each month at Viking Drive, near Officeworks and run trips and or social activities of one, two or more days, usually twice a month. We also provide a monthly newsletter/magazine to keep you informed.


You are welcome to attend club meetings as a guest, and we hope you will consider joining our club.


The joining process to become a member may take up to 3 months, during which time you will be a probationary member. You will be able to undertake club events/activities immediately and drive on trips once you complete a driver awareness program (undertaken by the club). The joining requirements are as follows: -


  • Scroll down & Register Online with our Member Jungle App (Probationary Member Level ($25.00) or Complete an application form (available from the club secretary). The application form must be signed by a member as the proposer and signed by a member as the second (this is best done at a club meeting and is normally a formality).  There is a joining fee payable at this time of $25 which is not refundable. 


  • You will be provided with a club manual, or you can download one from our Library; this is intended to provide you with necessary information to maintain club standards.


  • Those intending to drive on trips will be required to undertake a driver awareness program (DAP); this is intended to ensure that you have the necessary skills to successfully negotiate typical four-wheel drive terrain.  


  • Once the driver awareness program (DAP) is completed, and you have attended at least two events/activities.


On successful completion of the probationary period, your acceptance as a member will be subject of a vote of members at a club meeting (this is normally a formality).


Once voted in as a member, you will be required to pay an annual membership fee or part thereof depending upon the time of year. The annual fees are currently set at $85 for a family or an individual.


Club Contacts:        President:  Emanuel Darmanin   0427 279 437


                            Vice President:  Darrin Keates   0427 279 437


                        Activities Organiser:    Glenn Barker    0438 193 211


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