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A small group of people met and formed the Mackay Land Rover Club in 1976. Now the club has over 60 family members, all joined by a common interest in the great outdoors and the responsible use of 4WD vehicles.

The club aims to schedule a few 4WD trips each month. These include day trips, either Saturday or Sunday, a weekend or long weekend camping trip and sometimes extended touring holidays. The trips vary from easy, to some that are more difficult, where low range 4WD & even winching may be required. Regular social events are also enjoyed by members.

Our monthly club magazine keeps members informed of upcoming trips & activities plus news & reports from previous outings.

All vehicles are required to have towing points front & rear and to carry recovery equipment, along with a First Aid Kit. All 4WDs are to be roadworthy and in sound condition. A Driver Awareness Program is run for all new members.

Application fee $25

Family Annual Membership $75                 

Single Person Annual Membership $65

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